Meet Our Team

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Huggs in a bow tie!!
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You go Gizzie!!
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KISSES, Spokesperson     

HUGS, Editor & Chief

LIFTIN,  Founder and CEO

OSCAR, Chief Gardner

GIZMO, Chief Taster


Liftin is 16 years old and a wheelchair bound special needs dog. He loves balls and long naps. In 2009 he won 5th place in the Winnie Wheelchair Dog Race. He is the boss and rules with an iron fist. His favorite cookie is our Peanut Mania.

Oscar is 8 years old, stubborn, 
and very picky about choosing friends. He loves stuff animals, digging for rocks, and is the primary helper in our garden.
He is amazing at pulling up weeds. His favorite cookie is
our Cheeser Pleaser.


Kisses is 6 years old and loves playing frisbee and hanging out with his brother, Hugs. He is super social, loves the spotlight, and is the lead culprit in getting into trouble. His favorite cookie is ALL of them.

Hugs is 6 years old and shy and elegant in his manner. He is highly patient, but he does have his breaking point, especially with his brother Kisses. He hates the 4th of July and has taken up a petition to band the holiday. His favorite treat is our Sweet Potato Cookie.


Gizmo is 17 years old and still as agile as an 8 year old. He loves to be near his mom at all times. He is super mellow and goes with the flow. He has a fetish for socks. He goes bonkers over our dehydrated chicken jerky.

Meet Some of Our Customers



Violet & Zoe

Dog at Farmer's Market



Violet and Zoe


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