We have been providing natural antler chews and treats to our dogs for 15 years and have seen the difference in how they look and feel. Less poop, less vet visits, healthy weight, and more agility and playfulness in their later years. We truly believe our natural antler chews and treats are much better for your dog's health and the health of our planet. 


Our vision is to help provide more nutritional products for your dogs while making it affordable for you.

Why Organic For Your Pet?


About Our Antler Chews

Our antlers contain no growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by products. These antlers last much longer than other chews and are healthier due to their high calcium and essential mineral content.

About Our Organic Treats 

Our all natural delicious treats are loaded with flavor and baked fresh  using only organic, gluten-free ingredients. All of the treats contain essential vitamins and minerals which support your dog's health.

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Antlers and Natural Dog Treats

Made in the USA with
USA sourced ingredients

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Antlers and Natural Dog Treats

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